WIU Goes Mobile

Anyone can access WIU with just the click of a button.  What am I talking about?  I am talking about the WIU Mobile App that is now available for download.  The app has been recently updated with many great features included within it.  It is compatible to download to any iPhone, iPad/iPod and Android.

What are the main features of the app you may be wondering? Well, let me share a quick story. I am one of the many students who takes full advantage of the computer labs on campus.  However, there is nothing worse when you are in a rush to print something and there are no available computers.  Luckily, the WIU Mobile App can help!  With the app, you can view campus computer labs and availability of workstations at each lab.  Not only does this save aggravation, but it also saves time by showing students which lab they should head to in order to print their paper or assignment.

Through the app, you can view a map of the campus, quickly and easily access your Zimbra email account, and search the campus directory.  You can catch up on the latest news occurring on campus and view upcoming events.  One of my favorite features on the app is the ability to read the dining hall menus.  I wish this app was available when I was still living in the residence halls because it is so much more convenient for students to decide what they want to eat (after consulting the app) instead of walking back and forth through the lines.

Meredith Bertels, a graduate student in the chemistry department, uses the WIU mobile app.  She explained that having the app is helpful when trying to follow what is happening on campus.  For instance, earlier in the semester, she would check the app for weather advisories or campus closings.  “I like having the app because it does allow me easy access to directories, a campus map, and some contact info if I should ever need it,” Bertels explained.

“A popular feature for students, faculty and staff new to campus is the interactive campus map which not only displays the campus map but also provides building search capabilities, GPS locator to pinpoint the user’s current location, and an overlay option to highlight buildings with dining facilities or computer labs,” explained Kim Sikes, Associate Director of the Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT).

Senior Micah Chavin, a hotel/restaurant management major, has also used the app from time to time.  He, like me, enjoys the idea of being able to check out the residence hall cafeteria menus.  “The menu for the dorms on it is cool and the map and the computer lab times (are too),” Chavin said.

But the app isn’t just for students.  Sikes said the app is free and is available to the entire WIU community. “Alumni can access it and might find news, events, and other information valuable,” Sikes said. Have you downloaded the app when you last visited the campus?

To download and install the app, follow the instructions on the right hand side of the WIU mobile webpage at http://www.wiu.edu/wiumobile/.  The app is not only useful for students, but it also helps those who want to check up on the University and read about what is occurring on campus.  So don’t hesitate to check out the app, even though you may no longer be in Macomb.  Sikes said the app has been downloaded approximately 16,300 times since its creation.  Let’s keep the number growing and stay connected with WIU.  With this app, we always have WIU at our fingertips.


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