WIU Students are Ready for Spring Break

As we come to the end of the eighth week of the semester that means only one thing for WIU students: spring break has finally arrived!  Senior Sarah DeSpain, a double major in journalism and broadcasting, is excited for her week-long break from school.  “This semester has been challenging to say the least and COLD!!!” she said.  Cold is right; I can’t remember a colder start to the spring semester; however, we have made it half way through and it only gets warmer from here on out….we HOPE!

The week before spring break is always a tough week to get through for WIU students.  Since it marks the half way point of the semester, many midterms are scheduled.  Luckily, spring break allows students the opportunity to relax after all the hours they put into studying.  Although it has been a struggle this week, the time has finally come.

As I post this blog, I am sitting in Las Angeles International Airport anxiously waiting to takeoff to Japan to visit my boyfriend who is stationed there.  I sure am excited for my trip, and I know many other students are ready for their trips, whether it is back home or to some warm location.

DeSpain is one student who will be saving her money this break by returning home instead of going on a trip.  She said there are many positives of being home over spring break including home-cooked meals, being with family and shopping with the money she will save by not booking a trip.  “The thing I’m looking forward to the most being home is being in my bed. It’s true what they say; there is no place like home and there is no place like your bed at home!” DeSpain said.

Senior Lauren Koenig, a nursing major, is thrilled about her spring break trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.  “I am most looking forward to the warm weather! And going on vacation with my best friends,” Koenig said.

However, not everyone at WIU gets a spring break.  Although students are given a chance to relax for a week, the University remains open.  For instance, the Alumni House, like all other offices on campus, will remain open during its normal business hours next week; the staff just won’t see as many students in and out of the office as much.

Angela Lynn, the Registrar at Western, explained she will have a standard week of work in the Office of the Registrar.  “Early warning grades are due on Monday, March 10, so we will probably have calls and emails from faculty that day,” Lynn said.  With early warning grades, her office will field calls from many students and parents, she explained.  However, Lynn has much more work to complete; being chair of the West Central District of the Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (IACRAO) she has a meeting that she has to plan for and facilitate at ISU. She also has to work on the PowerPoint presentation for the annual report that she has to prepare for the Provost’s division.  With the campus quiet, they might be able to sneak in some fun in between all the work.  “We like to have luncheons in the office during at least one or two days of spring break … it is kind of a tradition!” Lynn said.

I also chatted with some University Bookstore employees. While the Bookstore will be open during spring break, the hours will be shortened to 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  It will be closed during the weekends of spring break unlike normal.

While I only talked with a handful of WIU staff members, there will be many throughout the campus working next week.  So while break is within our reach, students should remember not to give any staff members a hard time because they aren’t as lucky as we are; their busy schedules will continue.

Although I’ll be across the Pacific, I won’t stop thinking purple and gold, and neither should you.  Let’s hope some Western students bring lots of warm weather back with them to Macomb as we finish off the second half of the semester!


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